Our Cleaning Process

1. PRE-screening air, swab, tape, bulk, etc (becomes the baseline for comparison)R: Remediation: Soda or DRY ICE-Blasting or Mechanical/Physical Removal of Mold (extreme contamination)(only if in the job overview)

S: Sanitization: Biocide/Protectant Application (Microbloc/RCI)(minimum contamination)2. POST-screening from Certified Lab (becomes the basis of the Certificate of Sanitization or Inspection)

3. Certificate of Sanitization Delivered to Building owner by NORMI/ or ANABEC Warranty (see below) (potential ONGOING Healthier Home or Strong Arm Warranty)

4. Warranty by ANABEC (If applicable) · Anabec Cleaner + Anashield* =five-year warranty · Anabec Cleaner + Anashield Plus =five- year warranty · Anabec Cleaner + X-70 Plus= twenty-year warranty

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