1) What are the Anabec Systems?
The Anabec Systems are mold/bacteria remediation products. The Systems are scientifically proven and with application training provide written warranties.

2) How do the Anabec Systems Work?
The most important step in mold remediation is to be certain the moisture intrusion problem is corrected. Once you have appropriate moisture content, the first step in the Anabec process is to clean the surface you are treating. The Anabec Advanced Cleaning Solution is formulated to provide a surfactant with “mechanical action” that removes the food source from the material being treated. The second step is to apply one of our three barriers, Anabec’s Anashield, Anashield, X-70 Plus to help neutralize future growth of mold and bacteria.

3) What is the primary difference between the Anabec Systems? Anashield should be used on finished surfaces including ceiling tiles, carpeting, etc. due to its invisible and durable finish. Anabec’s X-70 Plus is designed for use on raw building materials and leaves a gloss finish. Anabec’s NewBuild 30 is designed for new construction only.

4) Can porous and non-porous buildings materials be treated?
Yes. These areas are large holders of fungi and bacteria. The Anabec Systems are designed to treat both porous and non-porous surfaces.

5) What equipment is required to properly apply the products?
Anabec’s products with proper application average 1,000 sq. ft. per gallon in coverage. For the best coverage an electric airless sprayer is recommended.

6) How long after the cleaner is applied can you apply the microbial shields?
When doing a remediation job, the second step (Anashield, X-70 Plus) should be applied no sooner then 30 minutes after the cleaner. Caution should be taken not to over-spray the products.

7) How long after the application should you do surface testing?
Anabec recommends that surface testing be done by a third-party independent testing lab. Surface testing should be done no sooner than 48 hours after application of the system. If required, Air sampling can be done 2 hours after application of the system.

8) Does the Anabec system have warranties?
The Anabec Systems, when applied by a certified Anabec Applicator come with the following warranties:

  • Anabec Cleaner + Anasphere · Anabec Cleaner + Anashield* =five-year warranty
  • · Anabec Cleaner + X-70 Plus= twenty-year warranty ·
  • NewBuild 30 (1-step system) = thirty-year warranty when used on new construction only

* EPA Registered

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