Customer Reviews

Tom | Exeter. New Hampshire
“Dan, I wanted to get back to you and thank you for the excellent
work you did for us at our camp. The testing you performed helped us
identify the cause of a long suffered condition that we had been living
with for decades (mold). Not only will we use the report to plan our remediation but also to work with the town and show the need for substantial work required to our lakeside camp. We can now move forward with our plans and take care of this problem once and for all. Again great job.”

Ray and Nicole | Springvale, Maine
“We found Dan and his employees not only to be courteous and professional but they did a great job. We are very pleased and have begun to seek his work for other projects.”

Kevin C. | Portland, Maine
“I met with Dan and found him to be one of the most professional persons I have ever done business with. I am a renter so there is more than one factor I would have to take into consideration before hiring him—and he treated me like I was a PAYING customer. very rare nowadays, nobody seems to want to help unless they can take your money. I also found him to be extremely knowledgable in his field and very thorough in explaining his answers to all my questions. I would highly recommend this man to anyone who might need his services. I was raised by a business/salesman — so it’s hard to slip crappy service past me. Hire this company.”

Michael | Gray, Maine
“Custom Home Improvement took the time over the phone to educate me about the business of mold remediation, tell me about his experience and provided me with a payment plan that woked with my budget – all this before meeting me in person. Needless to say, he is a consumate professional and now a good friend.”

Sue Y. | Acton, Maine
“I want to thank you again for your service. You are extremely knowledgeable and very professional. You saw the difficult situation we were in and your timely manner made it less stressful for my tenants as well as for my husband and I. You kept us very well informed and were always confidential. It is obvious you enjoy your job as you aim to please your clients. I wish all companies could be so easy to deal with. I would recommend you and Custom Home Improvement to anyone.”

Russ P. | Waterville, Maine
I want take a minute to tell you about Dan and his company, Custom Home Improvement.
I was selling my home when mold was discovered by a prospective buyer’s home inspector. The home inspector told his client that it was “black mold” that could lead to serious health issues. I lost the sale. Not being educated in mold I needed to get “educated” fast. I did my research and made a list of what I thought was three reputable mold remediation companies. The first one wanted to give me a quote on the phone without even to come out to look at the situation. No thank you!!
The second company (whose logo is shaped like a stop sign) made an appointment to come to my home in the Waterville area … Great I thought I can get to the bottom of this. On the day of the appointment the “office manager” called to inform me that she did not make the appointment, another employee had and that they were way too busy to help me…Five hours before the scheduled appointment!!!!! Bad business practice!!
Dan and Custom Home Improvement was the last call. I did not think they would come and look at my home, as they are located 2 plus hours away … I was WRONG! After explaining to Dan my dilemma, and lost sale, Dan drove the two plus hours after his work day to meet with me in my home. After the long drive Dan spent the next two hours taking samples and explaining to me what I had and how to remediate it. What service! After the samples came back to Dan from the lab it was determined that it was not “black mold” and that the home inspector to whom I had lost a sale did not know what he was talking about. Long story short … Dan and his crew came and remediated the mold. He came when he said he was going to, did what he said he was going to and tested it a week later to make sure the results were 100% and came in under budget! The warranty Dan provides was a huge selling point when the house sold one month later!!!!!
Thank you Dan for taking the time and caring about me and my situation!!
If you make Dan your first call (as I should have done) he will be the last call you need to make!!”

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