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We utilize the Anabec Systems. The Anabec Systems have been the proven scientific solution for mold and bacteria remediation and prevention for over 14 years!
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How The Products Work – The Anabec Advantage

Organic debris attach themselves to surfaces within colonies. These communities are essentially places where organisms can hide. A community can include bacteria, fungi, yeasts, protozoa and other microorganisms. When an organism is within the community it is all that more difficult to reach and at that point are extremely difficult to remove.


Anabec’s Cleaning Solution successfully removes the food source. The food source is the lifeline for mold and bacteria. Anabec disintegrates the food source and agglomerates the mold and bacteria, denaturing their protein cellular structure.


The final step is to apply one of our three shields, Anashield, Anashield Plus or X-70 Plus. These shields have a long-term effect fighting against mold and bacteria growth on the treated surfaces. Certified Anabec applicators can offer warranties on all Anabec systems.


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